Marken der Josef Manner

We are very proud of our brand diversity. Manner believes in Austrian quality which everyone can taste.

Brands of Josef Manner & Comp AG

Josef Manner & Comp AG, an Austrian family business, unifies five of the best-known and well-liked confectionary brands. Our brands are associated with high quality and delicious taste. All products are manufactured exclusively at locations in Austria. We consider our label a promise to the people, which we aspire to fulfill every day. We are proud to hold brands with a long tradition and a wide product range – like Manner wafers, Casali Chocolate Bananas and Casali Rum Coconut Dragées. We develop our brands in an innovative and sustainable way so we'll be able to offer sweet delight to this and future generations.

We invite you to digitally engage with our brands. Get a first impression of the variety of our product range as well as brand activities and also visit the individual brands’ websites!

Manner Markenlogo


"Chocolate for everyone - great value and taste" was the motto of Josef Manner I. when he founded the confectionery dynasty in 1890. Manner is a company with a long tradition and the mission statement remains unchanged. 

Learn more about the cocoa beans that are roasted in-house and the delicious new creations … always true to the guideline: "The Taste of Vienna”. 

Casali Markenlogo


The history of Casali reaches way back into the past. In 1782, Joseph Casali founded his company in the port city of Trieste, which was part of to the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Since 1970, Casali belongs to the Josef Manner & Comp AG. Casali is famous for its delicious Rum-Kokos and fruity Chocolate Bananas. 

“Welcome to Casali” - it is our pleasure to welcome you on a virtual island full of chocolate fruits and exotic chocolate dragées.

Victor Schmidt Markenlogo

Victor Schmidt Austria Mozartkugel

The world-famous Mozartkugel does not only pay its compliment to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Like the manner wafers, it has become a synonym for Austrian confectionary tradition and is strongly connected with Austrian culture.

Get to know the fine characteristics of the extraordinary Victor Schmidt Austria Mozartkugel! Enthusiasts of finest marzipan, tender nougat and crisp chocolate will be delighted with these sweet treats…

Ildefonso Markenlogo


The history of Ildefonso is not just sweet, but also intriguing. It began around the end of the 19th century. In 1880, the master confectioner Victor Schmidt developed the fine recipe of the well-loved layered nougat cube. On 1st January 2000 Victor Schmidt & sons was acquired by Manner AG.

Learn more about the complexity of the well-liked Viennese confectionary made of nougat. You can also get a special highlight for your daily digital enjoyment online – words of wisdom that are hidden in each of the delicious cubes.

Napoli Markenlogo


Napoli offers premium products for everyone who appreciates a reasonable price. There is no dedicated online appearance for Napoli at this time.

Dragee Keksi by Napoli play a very special role in the Napoli product range. Therefore, they have their very own online appearance that does this Austrian classic its justice in the most entertaining way. Get to know the motto of Dragee Keksi „wenn ich nur aufhör’n könnt“, which translates to „if only I could stop“. With the hastag #winak, Dragee Keksi are up to a never ending fun time in the digital world!

Apart from Dragee Keksi, Napoli mainly offers wafers, like the Napoli wafer block.