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  • Products from Manner are popular and well-known all around the world. From Australia to the Dominican Republic, from Canada to Russia, from Japan to Iceland and of course throughout Europe.  

    You are a customer or a trading firm and you want to know where you can buy the Manner products in various countries? Please do contact the respective distribution partners under the given addresses below. For any further questions or requests regarding the topic “sales international” please also contact the distribution partner or use our contact form.


Branch Offices

Cologne, Germany

In order to supervise our brands on the spot still better, an individual sales branch was found in 2006. Meanwhile, Manner is number one in the market for wafers in Germany. Our goal: brand awareness and distribution as in Austria!

Josef Manner & Comp AG
Branch office Germany
Max-Planck-Str. 35
D-50858 Cologne


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Already in 2004, a sales branch was established in Slovenia. With motivated and committed employees directly on-site, Manner managed to become the market leader in the field of wafers, baking chocolate, dragees and chocolate bananas!

Letališka 35
SLO-1000 Ljubljana

Brno, Czech Republic

Encouraged with the success of the sales branches in Germany and Slovenia, there was also a branch office established in Czech Republic in 2009. This subsidiary is also very ambitious to win the hearts and tastes of all the locals with a sweet tooth!

Josef Manner s.r.o.
Olomoucká 40
CZ-61800 Brno

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