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November 2013

New to the product line! Casali Chocolate-Banana Monkeys with Apple

This new product from Casali is a fruity apple-banana combination in a funny ape shape for kids. The Casali Monkeys provide a unique taste experience, layer after layer. Delicate fruity Chiquita bananas in combination with apple pulp, covered in crunchy chocolate made from our own roasted cocoa beans. Only natural flavours are used, with no artificial colourings or preservatives.

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January 2013

New: Casali Coconuts

Choco-coconut fun on the go!

A new product innovation by Casali will be presented at the ISM: Casali Coconuts. These are non-alcoholic chocolate-coconut balls with a liquid filling, which resemble a real coconut in appearance. The liquid coconut core is surrounded by a layer of real coconut flakes in white chocolate, which is in turn covered by an envelope of crispy milk chocolate, made with our own roasted cocoa beans.

casali_coconuts_pressetext_en.pdf (format PDF / 123 KB) (format ZIP / 6 MB)

Archive 2014

February 2014

New: Manner Mio!

Is it the tender chocolate coating or the crispy crumbles of the new wafers from Manner that invite you for a sweet delight? Or is it the high-quality ingredients and the perfect portioning in the convenient 120g bags? All that results in the recipe for success of the 4 new varieties of Manner Mio! – hazelnut, cocos, caramel and chocolate. For calm moments of indulgence and ambitious lovers of wafers and chocolate.

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February 2014

New appearance for the „delicious“ website of Manner!

"Chocolate for everybody" – with a new design! The Manner chocolate shines with a new splendor. 120 years of tradition in a new packaging.

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January 2014

Exotic on the way with Casali Coconuts!

Finally there are coconuts for the sweet pleasure without long-winded picking and opening: Casali Coconuts! These specialties from Casali are liquid-filled chocolate scoops without alcohol that are recreated after the real coconuts. The liquid core of the coconuts in covered by a coat of real grated coconut in white chocolate and over that a coat of crisp milk chocolate from cocoa beans roasted in-house.

en_pr_casali_coconuts_100g_beutel_en.pdf (format PDF / 796 KB)

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Archive 2015

Casali Crispies Teaser

NEW: Casali Crispies

Exotic, fruity and sooo crispy!
Casali Crispies are the new snacking product from Manner.

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