Production of the Manner wafers

All the magic happens in the holy Manner production halls. We have been working on the perfection of our Manner wafers for over 100 years and have constantly developed our production technologies. The wafer production is the heart of the Josef Manner & Comp. AG and produces around 13,000 Manner packs per hour for wafer lovers.

Manner Interview Schnittenproduktion

Franz Neumayer

Why are the Manner wafers as tender? The MannerFakteur wonders about this fact in the TV commercials. Franz Neumayer knows why: he is responsible for the production of the most tender wafers at Manner in Vienna. The video shows you an insight into the production!

Are you interested in a job with the Josef Manner & Comp. AG? Or do you want to know what it is like to work for Austria's largest confectionery manufacturer? We have interviewed Franz Neumayer from quality management.